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Emow Starter Kit

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This fantastic kit is perfect for new or experienced vapers.

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This fantastic kit is perfect for new or experienced vapers.

Add some juice, and this kit includes everything you will need to vape with great style, performance, and Kanger quality. The battery and tank are made for each other, match perfectly, and work great together.

The EMOW tank is dual bottom coil design, which ensures that your wicks remain saturated with juice. It has adjustable airflow which allows the user to tailor the draw to his or her liking. It is easy to refill and performs great. This kit features replaceable coils, so you can use the tank indefinitely and replace only the coils. The EMOW battery is a top of the line 1300mAh variable voltage battery, and it has a unique feature. It has three voltage settings: 3.7, 4.2, and 4.8 volts. It will hit hard throughout the discharge cycle of the battery. The battery will provide you with the same great power from the start of your day until the very end.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x EMOW 1300mAh Variable Voltage Battery
  • 1 x EMOW Bottom Dual Coil Adjustable Airflow Clearomizers (around 2 ml capacity)
  • 5 x extra bottom coil replacement heads
  • 1 x ego USB charger
  • 1 x USB wall adapter
  • 1 x Gift box
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Using Tips:

  • Be sure the coil unit is screwed tightly into the base unit of the clearomizer. This should help create a good connection with the battery.
  • Replace the coil every 3-4 weeks depending on usage.
  • When using a fresh coil, prime the coil by blowing in and out of the tank 4 times without pressing the button. This should assist in saturating the wick with eliquid.
  • Be sure to grab the base of the clearomizer when unscrewing it from your battery to avoid your liquid pouring out. Also, if you accidentally get liquid into the center tube you can use a cotton swab to clean it out.

How to Refill the Clearomizer:

  • Turn the clearomizer upside down and unscrew the base from the bottom.
  • Be sure the coil unit is screwed tightly onto the base. A loose coil means a poor connection.
  • Poor the e-liquid down the side wall of the clearomizer. Avoid the center tube. That's for airflow.
  • Carefully screw the base unit back onto the body of the clearomizer.
  • Allow 1-2 minutes for the e-liquid to fully saturate the wick and coil before you begin vaping.
  • Screw onto your battery and start vaping!


How to Replace the Coil Unit:

  • Unscrew the base unit from the clearomizer.
  • Unscrew the coil unit that stems from the base unit.
  • Screw a new coil unit onto the base unit.
  • Screw the base unit onto the clearomizer body.
  • Vape Away!

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